HTML Catalog Maker

HTML Catalog Maker 1.3

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HTML Catalog Maker
to the end of time-consuming and error prone html coding!
Do you have a website with files you want to present? A big
list of urls? Hundreds of html pages with database items?
Coding html for thousands of items is not an easy task, neither
creating the list or updating it's items and formatting.
HTML Catalog maker (HCM) can easily perform repeatable
html tasks and can create catalogs of items in any way. It
can also perform many tasks that just weren't possible before.
It is a program to create repeatable html code for purposes
of listing items, either they are real files or other data.
When they concern files, HCM can retrieve all available information
so you can present them in your html catalog:
Files sizes, dates, download times, etc. can be retrieved
For Mp3 all the ID tag info can be extracted
For pictures with a format of jpg, gif, tiff, ico, wmf,
bmp, bw, rgb, cel, tga thumbnails can be created in jpg
Lists can also be created for non-file items, like text data,
urls etc. You can easily create an individual html page for
all of these items as well with further info about each item,
such as downloading instructions and time, etc.
HTML Catalog maker can also import any database file from
programs like Excel, Access etc. This way you can present
to the world any kind of data you may already have, anyway
you want.
HTML Catalog maker presents a new style of coding html, introducing
it's own pseudo-command tags, that create repeatable html
code. Once a project is setup, there is no difference between
10 items or 1000 items.
HCM also uses prototypes for all the html pages. The prototypes
can be created in your favorite html editor. Where data should
be added and replaced, the special expressions of HCM are
Plus you don't have to leave your favorite html editor, you
can even use graphical ones like Frontpage. You can use these
for all the prototype formatting, and then let HTML Catalog
maker do the rest.

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